Fire Museum

Fire museum of KokkolaThe fire museum of Kokkola inclues old equipment and other items from the Volunteer Fire Brigades of Kokkola and Kaarlela as well as from the Kokkola Fire Department. 

The museum items vary from hand operated syringe pumps from 19th century to modern radio communication equipment of 22nd century. The museum also houses memorabilia and artifacts from the Volunteer Fire brigade of Kokkola. Also exhibited are several personal protective equipments from old fire suits to breathing apparatuses.

The museum also has two old fire engines; a Chevrolet from 1931, used by Kokkola Fire Department and a Land Rover Series 1 fire engine, used by the Volunteer Fire Brigade of Kaarlela. The vechiles are stored outside museum's premises due to lack of exhibition space.

Historic fire engines: Chevrolet and Land Rover

Opening hours

Museum is open six days a week for timespan of eight weeks during summer - usually after Finnish midsummer. Outside summer opening hours visits and tours to the museum can be arranged by email at palomuseo(at) Tours in museum can be given in english.

Visit to the museum is free of charge. Please note that our premises are not accessible for people with moving difficulties.

Kaarlelan VPK | Ventuksentie 84, 67600 Kokkola
Vapaaehtoisuuden voimalla vuodesta 1935. Sivut rakentanut 1204. Ylläpito